Branding and Brand Unification
Branding and Brand Unification

A recognizable, bold brand that represents your proposition and commitment to the customer is essential to business growth. Whether by word of mouth, through advertisements, or any other avenue, customers should be able to recognize your unique brand with just a cursory look. A unified brand strategy not only helps customers identify who you are and learn what they can expect from services or products baring your brand, but also provides internal focus on the value proposition of your company and identity of your customer. Your brand is your company identity, consisting of many parts including your general look and feel, your logo, your value proposition, your reputation, and your promise to your customers. In the world of the internet and social media, your customers play a central role in defining your brand through reviews, testimonials, online interactions with your brand representatives, and brand ambassadorship or detractorship. For this reason, it is crucial that current and prospective customers be able to easily identify you, and that you cannot be confused with any other entity.

At LeadGen Strategic, we insure that your company brand is recognizable, reputable, and sends a focused message to your target audience. We help to curate how your customers promote and define the brand, and make sure that all your advertising, marketing, and PR stay on-message regarding your value proposition and company identity. Our comprehensive service structure allows us to partner with key members of your team in brand development, differentiation, and launch, providing support for your team at every stage of brand growth.

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If your company has legacy products that are defined or marketed under different brands, we create a brand unification plan that allows your brand to become central to the products’ identities and recognizability, without losing the value of legacy brands and naming conventions that customers know and love.

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