Business Development and Strategic Planning
Business Development and Strategic Planning

LeadGen Strategic is a full-service business development and strategic planning consultancy, able to affect growth in any size business from early stages all the way through late-stage growth initiatives. Our in-house experts and senior partners—key opinion leaders in their respective industries—have successfully helped many companies to:

Our team members and senior partners come from a wide array of B2B industries, but they all have in common a depth of experience in business development and strategic business growth planning. As with all service offerings at LeadGen Strategic, our team undertakes specific business development initiatives on your behalf as part of an overall strategy optimization that creates a growth vision for your business. We then insure that the strategy is reflected in every aspect of your operations. Among our service offerings, you will find elements that target:

For each individual offering within each company within each industry, there are different challenges to finding the best stepping stones for optimal short and long term growth. What sort of strategic undertakings will move you to the next step in your growth goals? Is it better to follow an organic or inorganic go-to-market strategy? Should you find distributors, or develop a direct salesforce? Will these answers be the same across regions? LeadGen Strategic is here to help you assess the possibilities, take the right steps in the right order to optimize growth, and execute the specific stages that will take you down your envisioned path.

Through each step in the process of getting your business ready for growth, we help you, your team, and your stakeholders build a common language that speaks to the company’s overall growth strategy. We empower your leadership to align processes with a clear growth strategy, and communicate these alignments to employees.

Each of our service offerings is backed by a global network of business experts and key players in your particular industry, committed to the continuous evolution and development of your business. In cooperation with our senior partners—key opinion leaders in your specific industry—we can understand at a detailed level what the challenges are that face your industry in real time. Our network is at the forefront of your market’s current growth climate, challenges, and best practices, and is therefore uniquely well-positioned to represent your company’s offerings as the solutions being sought by key decision makers. Our senior partners know how to pitch solutions in the language that reflects current concerns and buzzwords in your industry; they are not only able to introduce products into the market effectively, they are themselves major players and KOLs in the market.

Regardless of specific service, we are always strategically optimizing everything about you, from your profit margins to your customer relationships. These ongoing optimizations are geared to create long-lasting processes and a clear path forwardfor every new phase of growth. Committed to driving success across all our offerings, we know which services to tie together to create an overall strategy to maximize your profits and visibility. We can use our expertise to determine your company’s needs, and then meet those needs through our extensive service portfolio,which will position you strategically by creating synergies between all elements of your business and the market. Our services include:

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