Business/Strategic Planning (Business Plan Development)
Business/Strategic Planning (Business Plan Development)

Whether your company is in a fast-moving sector marked by rapid growth and innovation, or whether it is in a more mature sector, LeadGen Strategic can help you grow. Our synergistic approach to data-driven yet creative strategy development will help you design a growth path for your company that is both ambitious and achievable.

The key to developing a sound business strategy planis the process of discovering all the entities that may potentially have an influence on your business, from suppliers, to competitors, to regulatory agencies.We identify the full gamut of influences upon your business and your industry in order toidentify your strategic objectives and help you predict and mitigate any financial, regulatory, and operational challenges that may present themselves.

Equally important is that your business strategy development plan communicates the vision, value proposition, and action steps to employees, partners, and investors.Our innovative strategies marry these two goals by providing robust information on your business’s influences and SWOT analysis in ways that help you overcome stakeholder apprehension and gain buy-in for your current and future business plans.

While the optimal portfolio of strategic planning services is highly specific to individual company needs, the following are some of our core service offerings:

  • Assessing start-up needs
  • Budgeting
  • Identifying resources for launch
  • Drafting business plans
  • Preparing business plan for specific targets such as specific angel funding opportunities or entering competitions
  • Timelines and logistics
  • Financial forecasting
  • More.

Working with the LeadGen team to design a business plan and strategy is like having your own C Suite of growth and industry experts. By involving our KOL senior partners from your industry in evaluating your needs and designing your business strategy, we ensure that your targets will be receptive to it.Our consultant teams use their specific industry knowledge, business growth experience, and in-depth research to make actionable recommendations, and then take you through the process of implementing them.

LeadGen Strategic is here to help you assess the possibilities, take the right steps in the right order to optimize growth, and execute the specific stepping stones that will take you down your envisioned path. We can help you create a clear, detailed plan of action that is designed to unlock your maximum growth potential in line with your goals and the needs of the market.

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