Marketing and Marketing Communications
Marketing and Marketing Communications

LeadGen Strategic provides expert guidance and execution in developing marketing strategies and collateral that act as a fulcrum to your overall business strategy and brand. We are deeply committed to combining the creative process with sound marketing science, resulting in marketing campaigns and tactics that have clear goals and measurable results. Our marketing strategy development and marketing campaign execution are designed and implemented such that all activities result in a clear, measurable return on investment.

Our marketing service offerings cover the gamut of needs from initial strategy development to creation of specific marketing tools for your business. Within the general growth strat¬egy we identify for your business, we strive to create marketing campaigns that directly impact your bottom line by increasing quality lead throughput. Each campaign goes a step further to most efficiently propel leads to closed contracts by improving customer understanding and appreciation for your brand and providing tools for your sales arm.

We also know that marketing is no longer just creative, but also highly technical and data-driven. Any marketing tactics we undertake contain a metrics component to make results measurable and to generate data that guides future marketing efforts, including but not limited to:

  • Clear tracking and measurement of ROI (return on investment), with transparent data for cost per lead, cost per conversion, etc.
  • Split testing of all campaigns (where possible) to identify what strategies and tactics perform best for reaching your customers
  • Parametric multivariate testing and machine learning for online marketing campaigns.

LeadGen Strategic’s specific marketing offerings include:

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