Medical Devices
Medical Devices

Competitive, highly regulated, and with many dependencies on government and private organizations, the medical device industry requires deep expertise, a strong network, and a well-developed strategic plan for successful navigation. LeadGen Strategic specializes in positioning medical device companies for optimum growth through expert strategic planning and execution. We ensure that our clients--whether they are entering into new sectors or looking to grow their market share--are best positioned to make the most of their resources and partnerships. By leveraging the experience of our executive team, engaging Key Opinion Leaders, and building strategic partnerships, LeadGen works hand in hand with clients to navigate and grow within the medical device industry.

What We Do

LeadGen Strategic is a full-service business growth consultancy with strong ties and knowledge in the medical device industry, as well as in the adjacent industries of healthcare reimbursement and insurance, hospital procurement, regulatory advisory, patient services, and others.

From strategy to execution, we take a hands-on approach to positioning your product in the market, presenting your product to key players, and tackling the regulatory and reimbursement challenges that are inherent to the industry. We create a comprehensive roadmap for business success for medical device manufacturers and innovators, working with teams to ensure corporate buy-in and agreement. As your partner in growth, LeadGen is committed to the process of strategic business growth planning, as well as the execution of activities for market share growth and positioning for gaining a competitive advantage.

We Understand the Medical Device Manufacturer Needs and Landscape

Our partners are medical device industry professionals with direct and immediate knowledge of the needs and challenges of the medical device space. At LeadGen, we have our fingers on the pulse of the market, with a robust knowledge of changes and trends affected by healthcare payers and providers. Our network is at the forefront of the industry’s current growth climate, challenges, and best practices, and is therefore uniquely well-positioned to represent your company’s offerings as the solutions being sought by key decision makers. Our senior partners know how to pitch solutions in the language that reflects current concerns and buzzwords in the medical device industry; they are not only able to introduce products into the market effectively, they are themselves major players and KOLs in the medical device market. We specialize in helping companies access new markets and grow market share though market research, go-to-market strategic planning, licensing agreements and strategic partnerships.

We Are with You Every Step of the Way

Our knowledge, our expert staff, and our network combine to offer a complete package for business growth. We are hands-on in every aspect of your business to optimize every aspect of your operations for alignment with the most competitive strategies and highest growth potential. Our medical device, healthcare, and business experts have the knowledge and real-world connections to execute your company growth plan and function as an extension of your business team.

From initial business strategy development to penetration of international markets to sales and mergers, we can guide you and partner with you every step of the way. We help you make your plans a reality by connecting you with the people, organizations and resources necessary to gain the maximum competitive advantage. From development of positioning decisions to engagement of strategic business partners, we develop and implement the findings that ensure your goal realization.

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